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Somewhere beyond this wonderland you will find me

Judy Garland
10 June
!!Attention: I am not Judy Garland and am in no way affilated with Judy garland..Just a fan!!
The name is Judy! Judy Garland. Gee...well I love singing and acting. Those are my truest passions. When I was younger I never dreamed of being such a star. I just wanted to be a nurse for a while. Wouldn't that have been swell? One Christmas Eve, when I was two, Daddy let me go out on the stage and sing, 'Jingle Bells.' Mother says they couldn't get me off. Finally, daddy had to walk out and carry me off. A talent scout heard me sing at Lake Tahoe during a summer vacation and arranged my audition with Louis B. Mayer. Then I was signed to an M-G-M contract. My family and friends thought of course I would be a movie star right away. But I wasn't. I finally made up my mind that in spite of everything, I'd be somebody in pictures.